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Welcome to Swarm Dynamics, an innovative blend of behavioral science and AI that automatically measures and predicts behavior. SWARM analyzes any communication channel such as Email, Teams, Slack, Symphony, etc. whilst ensuring maximum employee privacy. This insight is supported by AI driven actions whilst linking to KPIs and OKRs to drive measurable impact. Benefits include:


1. Insight: Automatically measure and predict the drivers of behavior to provide accurate insight.

2. Action: Embed AI driven actions into the decision-making and workflows of individuals and teams.

3. Impact: Link actions to results by keeping teams and individuals aligned, connected and focused on improving their objectives.


4. Monitor: Quantitatively simulate the most beneficial interventions and predict and monitor the likelihood of their effectiveness.

Our Solutions

Combine communication data and business data, wherever it lives. Share insights securely with the context that people leaders need to make better decisions.

Conduct Risk

The causes of misconduct can be considered from two perspectives – dispositional and situational. Dispositional attribution focuses on individual traits and personality, while situational attribution focuses on team dynamics. The dispositional blames individual actors (i.e. bad apples), while the situational views misconduct as a product of behavioral patterns in a social context (i.e. barrels).
SWARM analyses e-communications at the team/barrel level to predict the drivers of misconduct before the emergence of fraud, front running, insider trading, ethical breaches and regulatory violations.

Organizations spend many millions of dollars annually on measuring conduct risk through intrusive surveillance methods. This costly and reactive approach generates over 99% false-positive alerts that need to be reviewed by large teams of analysts. In contrast, SWARM’s technology requires only a fraction of the usual amount of data and cost to accurately predict the drivers of misconduct.

Regulatory Orders

Regulatory orders are a major imposition on financial institutions, and a prolonged process can be highly disruptive. A swift and effective response is crucial to reducing the cost of remediation whilst protecting organizational reputation and stakeholder confidence. One of the biggest obstacles to a faster resolution is the need to provide the regulator with evidence of behavioral and cultural change.

SWARM addresses culture-related regulatory orders by enhancing accountability, reducing complexity, embedding the 3 Lines of Defense, minimizing silos, and improving risk capability. It seamlessly integrates with business processes, aligning decisions with values and regulations. SWARM facilitates quicker resolution of regulatory issues by driving behavioral change and reducing costs and disruptions.

Behavioral Risk

Behavioral Risk relates to the behavior of people based on their social environment and team dynamics. This involves looking at an organization as a social system and the risks associated with human behavior as underlying social psychological factors. Therefore, Behavioral Risk Management (BRM) involves understanding systematic behavioral patterns between people rather than just individual actions. In this way, the focus of Behavioral Risk is on the “barrel” rather than the “apple”.

SWARM enhances BRM in the following way:

  1. Automatic identification of areas that are susceptible to behavioral risks.
  2. Quantitative evaluation of drivers that contribute to the causes of misconduct.
  3. Guiding and predicting the effectiveness of interventions aimed at modifying unwanted behaviors and reducing behavioral risks.


The traditional lens of workforce management, centered mainly on productivity and cost optimization, has become insufficient in the face of today’s dynamic landscape. Employees now wield considerable influence, impacting organizations through various channels, including their digital footprint on social media, commitment to data security, alignment with the company’s purpose, and proactive pursuit of self-improvement. Organizations must now navigate this workforce environment, recognizing that employee value extends far beyond mere productivity metrics.

SWARM enhances workforce performance through:

  1. Define: Automatically measuring a wide range of internal and external performance factors, from hybrid working, wellbeing, worker activism, workforce planning, data privacy and DEI and ESG.
  2. Measure: Providing real-time data analysis to predict the location and likelihood of performance factors. Ensure transparent reporting and disclosure of workforce-related information.
  3. Action: Facilitating proactive improvement with clear ownership across all levels while enhancing awareness and accountability.

About Us

Swarm’s leadership team are recognised global thought leaders with extensive practical expertise in Behavioral Science, Social Network Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Change Management. The team is guided and mentored by an Advisory Board comprising some of the most experienced and respected business leaders in the world.

Harry Toukalas

Co-Founder & CEO

Wieke Scholten

Managing Director – Europe

David Grosse

Managing Director –
United Kingdom

Jared Siddle

Managing Director –
North America

Mark Hayward

Managing Director –
Asia Pacific

David Cowland

Managing Director –
United Kingdom

Mark Winey

Head of Sales & GTM – North America

Matthäus Zylka

Technical Director

João Marcos

Head of Development

Swarm Advisory Board

Cameron Clyne

Advisory Board Member

Patricia Lenkov

Advisory Board Member

Tim Boyle

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Kevan Jones

Advisory Board Member

Gary Cox

Advisory Board Member

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